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I have modified the Avenger (Voodoo3) drivers to hopefully work with a 68020/68030+68881/68882. I don't know if the drivers will work with the 1200 versions of the Mediator though...

BlitzQuake has 68040+ instructions (I checked) so it won't work. It probably wouldn't be fast enough anyway. ADescent Warp3D would probably be playable if there was an optimized version for 68030+68882. The sources are available for ADescent and BlitzQuake. All they need is a recompile. The Vague magazines (on Aminet) should work as well as some demos...

I would like to hear how many fps the Cow3D on Aminet gets on 50MHz 68030+68882...

A high end 68030 setup should be fast enough to play some simple but pretty cool 3D games at lower resolutions. It's too bad that a lot of programmers compile for the 68040+ and most Amiga compilers generate such poor fpu code. A 50MHz 68030 can hang in there on integer but the 68882 is pretty weak in fp compared to the 68040.
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