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PFS is way better IMHO. I tried SFS with my CSMK3. SFS seemed fast but also ate a lot of CPU time compared to FFS. Also, deleting files was very slow. My Amiga would crash on cold boots (not warm boots) when I upgraded to a Maxtor 16GB 15k HD. I thought this was due to the controller or driver being older. I had a SFS HD partition that became corrupted recently. I believe the partition was being written at the time of the crash. Most of the time this is not a problem but this time is was. None of the contents showed up in a directory list. I used SFSsalv and I was able to recover all the data on the partition despite some serious bugs in SFSsalv. I decided to try PFS. The cold reboot crash is gone, delete operations are about 10x faster (important for a web browser cache which crawled), and most other operations are 1x-2x faster. It seems like there is more cpu time free too. I haven't had any problems with PFS but I haven't been using it for very long either. SFS has some serious bugs. I would go back to FFS before I would go back to SFS.


Edit: I was using the latest 68k version of SFS.

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