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I don't usually agree on Korodny's views on new amiga hardware, especially on AmigaOne but there is a fact that Pegasos, or SharkPPC do not owe anyone anything, especially to those who bitch only for not being able to see the picture of the board. When nVidia develops a graphic board and names it GeForceMX 4 and if that board is as slow as previous year's GeForce 2 GTS that has half the ram, is that ok because they publish it professionally with photos and all?

I bash Amiga Inc mercilessly for they don't seem to succeed in their responsibility to represent the community and the name "Amiga" officially. But Elbox doesn't deny that they are just an euro-geek (whatever it is) company and they have been working a lot and risking a lot to present an AmigaOne alternative, in my opinion an alternative that has more Amiga essence in it. Pegasos is a completely different machine, not strictly amiga but again free people are designing and manufacturing it! PPC is old true, but what is the alternative? x86? I don't think so. If those machines fail, their creators will fail. We currently have no pegasos or sharkppc yet we're having fun wandering around an Amiga forum.
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