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I've had various Amigas over the years from the old A500 to a A4000 060 etc etc but lost the old source code disks a long time ago when I moved house.

I have been scouring the net and the only thing I had been able to find, was two really awful mods from when I started in Mirage UK as Nitro. As I say, they are awful. Before I left Anarchy I was working on Multi part demos and a vertical 5bp scrollers based on the graphics from paradroid 90. I could do all the 1 pixel sine scrolls but vector graphics were beyond me. My coding was good but my maths skills were a little lacking compared to others on the scene, so I would have struggled with the rotation thing. So I just didn't bother doing it.


A brief run through of my Amiga "career." At the time, none of us ever thought we were doing anything special, we were just having a bit of a laugh and trying to beat everybody else to release games, etc.

I Bought my first A500 from a small computer shop called B Bytes from a guy called Chris. Nice guy, ran the shop from his front room. I was so impressed with a demo disk he had, containing demos such as the DOC demo. One of my first games was Goldrunner and then Defender of the Crown.

I Got into music and briefly joined a group called Equinoxe. They had no coders, so had to ask someone to make our first demo. Can't remember but I think some of my music was used for the demo.

I remember back then that disk swappers used to put their phone numbers on the disks and in the local paper. Totally opposite to today. This is how I met up with the guys in Mirage UK who , in my opinion were a bunch of old me. Note I say this now as a 40 year old.

Nothing was happening really at Mirage UK, apart from Dynatron, who coded my first music disk, they were really just a disk swapping group. So I looked around and found the contact details for the quarterback(Vince) from Slipstream. SO went to meet up with them the next weekend.

Basically what we used to do was catch a train to Brum, go to our suppliers computer shop, where "gin and tonic" 2 guys, would copy us the latest games. We'd then go have a few pints, get on the train back to Vince's house and Marc would crack the games with a little help from me.We'd often leave Vinces house around 6am. I'm sure Vince can still remember the days of the slow 9600 and fast 14400 modems and £900 phone bills.

The death of the northern part of Slipstream happened when someone contacted Marc from Scoopex if I remember correctly. SO we joined them. I did mainly a few compilation disks, a few nice 8k intros and cracked a couple of games.

I know most people probably still won't admit this these days but after the action replay came out, we all used to use that for cracking. It made life so very easy. It was a case of "never tell anyone you use an action replay" at the time. You'd be called a Lamer if you did.

Anyway, finally my sense of humour got the better of me. I made fun of Marc who didn't see the funny side. This backfired and I got myself slagged off big time. The results prompted me to leave Scoopex, for a more quiet life of coding and a bit of music writing for Anarchy. I joined Anarchy whilst sitting upstairs in a Macdonalds in London with a few of the guys having a burger. I was told I could join as long as I didn't do any more cracking and concentrated on my coding, so that was the Death of Electra and the birth of Fusion. On the Scoopex page on the Exotica website, it says nobody knew what happened to the cracker Electra, hehe. I'm quite happy for it to stay that way.

As mentioned above, I can't really remember releasing much for them. I did send a couple of small 1 pixel scrollers off to Judge Drokk for him to compile and use on his next few disks but can't remember seeing them released.

I did though, have a lot of Kreators source disks at the time, including the code to Phantasmagoria, boy how that would have made the majority of coders jealous at the time.

Anyway, soon after I had to go get a job, sold my Amiga, moved out of home, etc etc..... Basically these days I do do a bit of programming still, this time it's Siemens and Allen Bradley PLC's so the Amiga set me in good stead.

Hope i've not bored you all. Greets to all my old friends (saying that brings back memories.)
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