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Originally posted by Korodny
Why exactly? Do you think they're deliberately delaying the release? Do you think they owe you something and should therefore further increase their financial risks? Do you think there's an army of talented coders out there, willing to work for free - but we just forgot to ask them to contribute?

You suck.
Well, it's like these companies are being run by euro-geeks that don't have much of any business plan, even for a limited market, and hold on to the hope of reliving a past that has been long gone by reviving a name only. If progress means the future of the Amiga will look nothing like its past then a more common sense approach would mean developing the OS to run on current hardware, not create some sub-culture of leftover PPC systems to make a quick buck on the hardware. It's shortsighted to lock the platform into the PPC, since Motorola really has no strategic interest in slugging it out with Intel or AMD in the processor business. The Amiga is already being locked into a platform that may be getting near the end of its lifespan. Even Apple is rumored to be looking for a PowerPC alternative, presumably a scaled down Power4 CPU from IBM with Altivec-like extensions. To sell the OS alone is hard enough, now consider now trying to get people to buy the hardware knowing in advance that it will be a dead end for the most part is not comforting to anyone.

You suck and swallow. [/B]
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