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Originally Posted by Electra View Post
Hi All,

A quick introduction.

I was having a good look around the net and spotted some of my old Amiga days exploits so thought i'd pop by and day hello.

I can't believe that the Amiga, after all this time, still has a strong following. Just wish I could get back into things like it was still 1991.

Anyway, as I say... Hello.... Nice to see you all. I'll be popping in and out once in a while to see whats going on.
Hi Electra, and welcome to the board!

We are at the sharp end of the Amiga community here on EAB and we ask for a little more commitment from our members than "popping in and out once in a while" - especially from someone of your pedigree.

How else do you think the Amiga would still have such such a strong following after all these years?

Originally Posted by Electra View Post
I used to be known as Nitro from Mirage UK / Electra from Slipstream and Scoopex and finally Fusion from Anarchy UK (not that I ever released more than one or two small demos for Anarchy.)
Please tell us more...
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