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Lightbulb displaying correct MagicWB-colors

I have a nice working WB3.1-setup, but one thing annoyed me: those damn MWB-icons displaying in wrong colors! I browsed for solutions for this and there's Cammy's MWB-palette for example. But it's only a few colors and i have 16-bit screenmode on me WB so i thought it wont work.

Then i happened to unpack MUI38.lha and found the ClickForColors and read that it sets MWB-colors correctly. So: set a 8-color screenmode, save it, execute ClickForColors and save screenmode settings again (in 8-color). Now the icons displayed correctly! I copied the script in WBStartup and added "DONOTWAIT". But what's up with workbench still displaying full 16-bit 65535 colors palette even if i use a 8-color screenmode setting? I can tell there's more than 8-colors in use on my WB .

Would Cammy's palette also work like this? I'm also interested in twiddling FullPalette and its settings, is it any good?

A few questions, hope you lot can answer some of them
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