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Awesome experience #1: Night Driver (lol) at local beach
#2: Gyruss at another bathing resort (the version with the crap-steering IIRC)
#3: 'Z'-like shooter with like 3 layers of 8-way parallax, craters, glowing 'intelligent' enemies (let me know if you know this one)
#4: Super Sprint (3-player marathon, armpit sweat, broad smiles)
#5: Marble Madness at Liseberg amusement park. Wow! A thing to love.
#6: Starblade at the Trocadero in London in 1991. So many polygons...
#7: Quality, exciting metallic voice in Gradius

Awesome things that spring to mind in no particular order.

Most surprising... I dunno, that swinging G-Loc 360 or what it was maybe? The sit-in Star Wars 3D shooter (with big screen?) was pretty cool too.
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