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okay latest update...

Format and installed windows 7 and the latest UAE version.


full screen or windowed - full sound and smooth game play.

the latest build of UAE has com eon a lot since i last used it, better GUi and far more options.

So i dont know what the problem is with Aros or UAE in Aros but there is a serious sound issue on the Atom 330 boards that is not a cpu speed issue but i suspect a bug in Aros or UAE (J-UAE and E-UAE)

as for speed on the Atom 330 , it boots windows 7 very quickly and does everything from the disk without extra drives - so no complaints here.

I like AROS but until UAE is sorted im sticking with Bill gates and his team, sorry

I tried to install X-Amiga but no joy with sata hard drives it seems , didnt see the usb stick either - oh well
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