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Originally Posted by BoyC View Post
Sounds worth a look
Agree, but i rather play on Amiga. So i do it only for fun and those who don't play on ST/Amiga.

Originally Posted by BoyC View Post
I'd really like to look into this, but I don't have enough info on the structure of the datafiles (mainly the routine file's indexing) to do so.
I'm currently writing the structure of the TAD files. I will let you know.

Originally Posted by BoyC View Post
If we knew the entry points and sizes of the functions in the datafile we could byte-compare the routines in the demos to the routines in the game levels to find matches. Then we could use the same routines from the pc game levels to reconstruct the files.
Yes, that's what I'm explaining in my previous post.
- First, find matches between (vanilla & extension) <=> (demos #2 & #3) to get their x86 equivalent on PC.
- Then, code the missing ones directly on x86.

Originally Posted by BoyC View Post
I looked into the routine file yesterday with a disassembler but without meaningful entry points it's quite hard to know where to start
I understand. The file contains several offset tables. Without knowing them, you can't easily bound the code.

I'm working on it this WE.
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