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Originally posted by Jim
The reason I used RomCenter is cause I DL'd all 3 (ClrMamePro, RomDoctor & RomCenter) and RomDoctor was the one I could use after 2 mins.

I get on fine with it, and cannot see any reason to change.

If you can tell me one thing that I need to do that I cannot with these tools then I'm all ears and would be happy to reevaluate.
To begin with, Ian is right. Being able to use something in 2 minutes usually does not mean that product is better. In fact, it usually indicates there's less going on there, which is not a good thing if you are seeking a more functional tool. I tried all three programs out at the same time and found that the other two were incapable of doing the job the way I wanted it. The zip part is a big bonus and as Ian pointed out, the compression is more efficient.

But as for the easy-to-use part, clrmamepro is not hard to use just because a different one you picked up faster. Look at Photoshop. You could draw a pic in Microsoft Paint 2 minutes after loading it, as well. But who in their right mind would choose it over Photoshop (or PSP...fill in *any* paint program here!)
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