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Not a DOS disk in device DF0:

A Newbie talking here.
I have just installed a 2gb cf card in my real amiga 1200.
It boots workbench from harddrive.
I have installed fat95 and cfd so i can access a pcmcia card.

I dont remember much about how workbench works.
But when i insert a game disk into DF0: (after workbench has loaded)
The following icons pops up:



I try to doubleclick the icon to start the game but nothing happens.
I open the shell and type >df0:
and i get the error message in the title above ( Not a dos disk in device df0: )

If i do the amiga key reset with the game disk in df0: the game runs and start.

Is it not possible to start a game from DF0: workbench ?
Have I mounted DF0: to be a fat95 ( ms-dos ) disk drive ?

I'm clueless..
Anyone ?
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