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Originally posted by Ian
Anyway, Romcenter is complete bollocks and shouldn't be used by any self-respecting rom hoarder (ie Emu User)
Sorry Ian - I disagree !

As you know, I have a mass of most TOSECs.

The only tools are use are Romcenter & Good*** for the Good series.

The reason I used RomCenter is cause I DL'd all 3 (ClrMamePro, RomDoctor & RomCenter) and RomDoctor was the one I could use after 2 mins.

I get on fine and used RC to sort all my TOSECs.

I prefer to unzip them all before I first sort as many lazy people leave shit adf filenames within the zipfiles, and some zips you DL are corrupt.

For this I use a simple DOS command called ZIPONE, which zips up single files into a individual zip.

I get on fine with it, and cannot see any reason to change.

If you can tell me one thing that I need to do that I cannot with these tools then I'm all ears and would be happy to reevaluate.
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