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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Thanks for the Info, Paul!

As I have said, you're not alone in looking forward to the Natami's eventual release and, at this point (some two years after the initially anticipated launch date) we could certainly do with a fresh cause for optimism.

You seem to know your Amiga, or what makes it, therefore you deserve to know - and I`m happy to share. We`ve all been in the dark far too long. As for me, there is no other new Amiga, not even the PPC based OS4 with neither chip-set nor native apps. And (partial) MP! It`s like putting extra wheels on a bike because two are considered "unsafe". So only the name remains. Natami will run all our old 68k programs - or we ask the team to debug it.

Although I don`t think it should take yet another two years, there`s still some way to go. See this thread. Concerning my own post there, had I been asked by the right person, instead of a messenger - but better leave any bitching out of here...

AROS has a real community, no "boss" figure to use and abuse you, respect reigns supreme, and the OS has been taking strides lately. The other week someone even offered to pick up its long stagnant 68k branch - now there`s a hero, IMO, he`ll have plenty to do for a while.
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