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The only coin-op games I could complete with one credit without losing a live were :

- Wonderboy in Monsterland : I finished it without losing every time I played it in in 1988/89 .
- Black Dragon (the jpn version of Black Tiger) : I finished it without losing each time I played it, in 1989 I guess.
- Terra Force : I finished this one without losing any live 2 times only, and as far as I remember there was no ending, it started again, so maybe this one does not count.

Amusingly these 3 games were from 1987, which is with 1986 the golden age of arcade I think, well my favorite arcade games are from this era anyway (Bubble Bobble, Mexico 86, Rygar, Xain'd Sleena, Out Run, Wonderboy in Monsterland, Black Dragon, Shinobi, Rastan, Ninja Warriors etc.)
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