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Arcade games you really completed in 1 credit

Ok, very thin connection to the Amiga (all games I'm talking about are arcade games, ported to Amiga, but that's not the point)

In this thread I'll brag about the "insert coin to continue" arcade games that I've completed with only 1 credit, and the ones without continues I have completed (only counting the ones with an end sequence which leads to "Game Over", not counting the ones that cycle up to another new stage with increased difficulty)

- DragonNinja: did it only once in 1989. That time I got lucky with the energy drinks! Normally it cost me 2 credits to finish it.
- Mortal Kombat: once in 1994: fighters tend to be super hard when you never lose a credit!
- Pang (1 player mode): once in 1994. Maybe we completed it with 2 credits in 2 player mode with an expert player friend.
- OutRun (easy mode): 2 times in 2009 (MAME)

That's all I could do. I could never beat GhostsNGoblins and its ludicrious "do all levels twice and kill the super hard monsters with the ridiculous shield weapon"

Other people with great arcade/money saving skills ?
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