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ok guys, here's the score. I've managed to get the data into a manageable format, and I have gone through all the squads and trimmed the teams down a bit so it should fit in. I've also picked out the 170 or so foreigners that would go into the 'foreign' section - this is basically world stars and wonderkids etc, the top 170 foreign players based on potential ability. It works out pretty well. I've also cut out the unnecessary data so I am pretty close to having a decent player database to put into the system without the need of the editor. I think I might be able to look at the source code and use the 'import / export' player routine to help me import this data.

However, if you guys want this finished then I'd like some help on the manual side of things. It would be good if I could get the file you have already started on, and if you guys can sort out the clubs then that would mean I could bring the players in more easily. As for the staff, I have a list of all those as well, I can use it all to work out what names to go into the system.

All in all it looks pretty promising but like I said, I don't want to have to do all this myself...
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