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Originally Posted by midnitoker View Post
Wow, that really was quick - I barely refreshed the page...

Now off to that thread.

Actually, I shouldn`t have bothered, it is ancient! Well, the last post is 6 months old.

Not to mention that it`s full of assumptions and negativity - sure, things do take a while and the original team might have been overly optimistic, but I still believe it will happen sooner or later.

Just before my A1200 packed up, I managed to finish a CPU benchmark program on it, which we (I was on the team) used to optimise the `050. However, I`m not into FPGA coding, too old to learn new tricks too, so I felt a bit left out.

Now with AROS, it`s different as it is still just C, right down my alley. And eventually it will run on the Natami too. If you bother to read some of the forums there, you`ll find it has been discussed, and the plan is quite solid. Just needs a few more enthusiastic devs to make it real.
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