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Just a quick intro

Hi all,

At my age I could be called a veteran, as I started in mainframes in `64, graduated to Speccy in `80 and Amiga in `89. However, two years ago my A4000 broke, then last year the Blizz `030 in my A1200 followed, so since then things have been - erm - stagnating...

Sure, I just built myself a 64-bit dual AMD at 2.6GHz, on a MSI mobo, but it runs WinXP (when I can be bothered) and mostly GNU/linux (debian), but where is the fun in that?

I also have a 9-year old Celeron 1GHz, which I acquired in `05 to get to YouTube, but that doesn`t like to be expanded, so it`s just chugging away as a mail and web-server on its 20gig drive, while I finally decided to install Icaros on this new box where I have plenty of hard drive space.

So now I have my work cut out - AROS can only run on my ATI Radeon as ALSA, and neither networking, nor audio seem to work yet. Need to port some drivers from the linux world, it seems. This machine is fully open source compatible, right down to its BIOS with OpenCore, I made sure of that

What I am really looking forward to, is the Natami, as then I can install my last OS3.9 setup from my A4k, which I sometimes revisit under UAE.

Well, I guess this should do for an intro, I think we all need to keep some things secret - or where would we be without any mystery?


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