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Originally posted by th4t1guy
The last Amiga show I was at (this must've been about 2 years ago, since there haven't been any in this area for awhile) someone had an a4000 that had a fancy card hooked up to it. Basically, this card was an amd processor with some ram, 2 ps2 ports, usb ports, and onboard gfx and sound. He had the machine running amigaOS and windoze at the same time and could switch between the 2 using hotkeys.
Thats a singleboard computer "SBC" that fits in an ISA slot. Big Box amigas have inactive ISA slots. Unusable for Amiga directly but powered and connected to themselves. Thus Big Box amigas have a passive backplane wich is the starting point for an SBC computer.

I have a SBC computer, an AMD486 clocked at 133 mhz with built in ethernet. Its way cool and im gonna save it for a future retro super tower consisting of an amiga and the 486
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