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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
What's wrong with mounting the partition normally?

mount <device> <mountpoint>
Doesn't get any easier than that.
If you don't have a Linux kernel with SGI disklabel support compiled in (which I don't), then that won't work anyway. It's not just that. There are a bunch of other problems.
Quote from an IRIX thread:
There is the XFSv1 and the XFSv2 on-disk layout. Linux XFS understands only v2. IRIX knows both, and since 6.5.14 (I think) it has been the default for new filesystems. But if you install a disk with 6.5-base and then upgrade to e.g. 6.5.22 it's still XFSv1 and it doesn't work with Linux.
Then there are hassles with GRUB. There are many threads by experienced IRIX users having major problems mounting IRIX drives. So, no, it's not easy.

On top of that, after many attempts to read my IRIX drive with Linux, it now doesn't boot in the Indy. Probably it got corrupted somehow. Just thinking about it makes me violently angry and makes me want to smash any computer I see running Linux.

So, to stay sane, I'll just leave it as it is and happily use my Amigas and BeOS.
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