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Originally Posted by blakespot View Post
Nice setups!!

Seeing this, I had to post pics of my "Byte Cellar" (basement computer room). :-)

Pic taken a couple years ago -- not including my recent A1000 addition and a few other items.

( )

I've seen your awesome collection before. Nice panorama photo. I can't really take a panorama photo like that without bashing my head through a wall... but I did take a couple "out of body experience" photos from above:

I've added lots of stuff since I started this thread, including:

"New, but not-exactly-new" in box Atari 800XL
SD card reader for Atari 800XL
"New, but not-exactly-new" in box TRS-80 Model 100
SD card reader for TRS-80 Model 100
1Mb Flash RAM chip for TRS-80 Model 100
a two-floppy drive Mac SE with Apple Extended Keyboard (very clean!)
2 Apple Extended Keyboards
2 Apple Extended II Keyboards
New TAC-2 joystick
New Atari Trak-Ball
a bunch of 80's IBM and Apple mice and trackballs (new or "nearly new")
Deneb USB 2.0 card for Amiga 3000

The Deneb USB (although a real pain in the ass to get working, and still buggy as hell) allows me to:
1. Finally get the Amiga networked & on broadband internet (using 99ยข USB Ethernet adapter!)
2. Copy to and from the TRS-80 Model 100 and Atari 800XL (SD/microSD cards)
3. Finally use the Amiga to copy MP3s to and from my portable player - Sansa Clip+ (and I made a Sansa icon ( that pops up on the desktop when the player is connected)

I can type stuff on my 1983 portable Model 100, then easily transfer it to my Amiga - to edit or post. (story seen is a work in progress )

I've even organised my closet. I really need a "fish eye" lens. You can't see the bookshelf with tons of manuals or the shelf below with other computers and keyboards neatly displayed.

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