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Their are quite a few people who slate Aros, and yes their are compatability issues with particular chipsets, but things are slowly evolving into an excellent little OS, and the funding for new drivers and support is funded through bounties (people who make donations) that is why development is slow.

My only critism is the lack of proper memory protection, and lack of wifi support. The wifi support is currently being implemented and will be ready in the next few months, so it should make getting online much easier via support for Atheros chipset wifi cards.

You have to keep in mind that distro's such as Ubuntu have a massive resource pool of developers, whereas Aros contributors are small in number in comparison. Given more time it will be the OS of choice for Amiga users wanting to enjoy powerful x86 hardware.

I'm lucky to have an old Pentium 4 machine, but it didn't work with my onboard sound, so picked up an old Soundblaster with EMU10k chipset and sound now finally works. Hurrah !

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