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Originally Posted by paul2010 View Post
I can pick up a DataFlyer expansion card with 8MB on it for my Amiga A500 for around £15 and I was wondering if it will provide any benefits other than being able to use WHDLoad on a hard drive.

Will it have any impact on my A500-only games?

I only use my Amiga for gaming and I could also type the occasional office document (although I do this on my PC). A500 with 1mb ram is a complete system for old games
but if you have 8mb's a bit better cause
a few games make use of extra memory if present
I remember Mortal Kombat 2 have more sounds and another enhancements if you have more of 1mb memory....also Monkey island 1 and 2...make use of extra ram if found
also some games uses that extra memory to maintain certain parts of the game allocated always in memory.....specially large games...(3 diks or more)
but if you also have an A1200 with some memory you really don't need that expansion for your A500

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