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Originally Posted by elspero View Post
Thank you guys
I spent £70, plus £35 for shipping for the A1200. It includes a 250MB hdd (but I have a spare 40gb sitting on my desk).
Now I can either spend another €120/£102 to get an apollo 1230/40/fpu with 4MB, or €85/£72 to get a 6MB sram pcmcia.... I can't find anything cheaper!

I guess I'll have to use floppies for a long time...
You can only realistically use a drive up to 4GB which should be partitioned to say 200mb for Workbench and the rest into 2 more partitions ie work and games or something along those lines. This is why a Compact Flash card makes an ideal hard drive in a 1200 or 600 Amiga.

The above hard drive size isn't strictly true but for a standard 1200 or 600 with the right rom inside it is about the limit without getting into complex formats etc.

You can still use WHDLoad on a 1200 with just the 2mb ram it has although most games won't work, some do, especially one disk type games. There is a lot you can do with just an ordinary 1200 so keep a hold of your money till a decent priced ram upgrade comes your way, an fpu isn't that important if you are mainly going to play games, most programs don't use it from what I have read but I don't mind being corrected on any of this (I don't have an fpu).
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