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Hi everyone

Hi everyone!

Back in the day as a kid I didn't have the luck to own a game system of any kind, as they were too expensive.

Now I am waiting for an Amiga 500 (it was cheap) and an Amiga 1200 (not as cheap ) to arrive in my mail, so I have a lot of questions about the amiga world. Ok, not really a lot...

The A1200 will ship with a ton of games and disks. The first thing I'll need is a way to backup the original disks, without losing or compromising the copy protection. How do I do it?

Ram expansion for the A1200: what to do? It would be nice to use whdload instead of disks, but the online shops and ebay prices I have seen for the expansion cards are way too high for me... And from what I have read, using a pcmcia sram/dram expansion is not recommended in the A1200, as it slows down the machine, is that right?

Thanks in advance for any answer
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