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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Which of the bugs I listed did you fix?
These :

4) LUMINOR's TOWER 3 - text on the door to Valdyn typo * CRASH *

5) BEAST's CAVE - Skeleton's text typo * CRASH *

7) TEMPLE OF GALA - crystal ball's text typo * CRASH *

9) ILLIEN - riddlemouth in SE corner cannot be answered due to two "ring" in the dictionaryenglish.file one of the 'RING' replaced with 'LOST RING'.

10) WHIRLPOOL - missed textblock * CRASH *

23) Burnville - House of artists needs a CR after the cartographers name ( 2Map_texts.amb 11D.amb [03/June/01] )

24) Thieves' Guild shop : Open from 1PM to 8PM should read "1 AM to 8 AM" ( 2Map_texts.amb, 109.amb [3/June/01] )

Perhaps 11 as well, i don't remember exactly (if it crashes, then i did fix it). It's also possible that i did 16 too, unsure.

I also fixed some issues with character's values badly counting magical object bonuses (f.e. Sabine can't reach maximum casting spell ability if not fixed).

I was asking for your own fixes because i wanted to add them as well - after testing them, of course.

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
  • Uncompress
  • Unencrypt
  • Split
  • Fix
  • Join
  • Re-Encrypt
  • You cannot recompress because there is no LOB packer but Ambermoon exe will load uncompressed files
Yes this is what i'm doing. And of course i don't recompress
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