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Originally Posted by Washac View Post
is there now a copy of Ambermoon that has been patched ?
Not from me.

But it appears that meynaf is releasing patched files.

I created similar patch files with the help of several Thalion Webshrine fans a long time ago. But we never got round to testing them all the way through the game. The original files as buggy as they are allow the game to be played all the way through to the end. I didn't want to release files which were worse.

Originally Posted by Washac View Post
I recall that when the English version first appeared some time ago you had to swap some files around then swap back to get past certain points in the game.
You did not need to go to any of the affected places to finish the game, or indeed any of the sub-plots. All the affected places which can be avoided or bypassed.

As documented on my website the main affected place (Luminor's Tower) you could use the Jump spell instead of swapping files.
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