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Originally Posted by asm1 View Post
If you go to the Qube server (link above) Charlie has put together a "ready to go" arculator environmentbuild. "Classic Risc OS" has lots of things built in. Double click and go.
I've been more successful running games on Arculator than RPCEmu though?

On RPCemu it seems to take ages to load the adf into memory and then when I click the executable I'm getting errors when its trying to boot it? ...but on arculator the games I've tried seem to work fine every time (and the only thing I configured is changing the setting to arm3 33mhz to speed it up).

I'm obviously a complete noob to both arc emu's but for quickly playing games arculator seems to work fine for me.

Originally Posted by ck1200 View Post
control pad related as in reaction?
I think I'm just crap at the game? lol I can't seem to control the car very well using the mouse? ..although its been many moons since I played it originally.

I've got my games, demos and apps from the arc tosec but I can't find two games I wanted to play on the emu that I remember from my school days (BattleChess and Virus)? Do dumps of these exist and are they playable on the arc emu's? ...also are they different to the omeba versions or just quick ports??
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