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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Sounds like you guys are wasting a whole load of money on something thats going to be completely useless..

What are you going to actually use the machine for? Surely Amithlon would be far more useful?
its a free download.... and I have plenty of PC junk to cobble together to have a play with.

its cost me nothing more that my spare time and a cheap-o Blank DVDR

besides I really am interested in trying out the in-line RunUAE and 68k Native Amiga Parser.

Also wanted to have a go with the reading Amiga Disks from the FDD drive and loading up a game or two - for fitz and giggles mind.

Eventually I would like to have this running on an SBC inside and alongside a native amiga - all networked up.

Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
Waste of money as well. Most all PC's will run this with a 3com internet card £3 from ebay and an old soundblaster £3. Graphics an old ati 9200 will work (my x800xt worked as is) . Just set up a new partition and dual boot. I removed mine though, never really liked it much
not sure about a waste of cach - after all you can get a fully supported intel atom for 35% cheaper than a new PS3 or X360 game - or about the same price a newly released PC game.

The Atoms are a great way to experiement with small form factor ideas and opperating systems and yeah... these ITX puppies can get expensive if you let them, there great little bits of kit that lend themselfs to a lot of solutions...

I have to admit, although I have Amithalon (thanks to a very kind and generious forum chummie here) I find ICAROS really easy to do - its a lot more intuitive and for the most part its a lot more compatible with newer kit.

Although this does all sound like what fruit machine addict would say if his addiction was say opperating systems and amiga
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