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I have never considered me a "collector", as I donīt have much hardware stuff... but now I am getting into, so Iīll post my current collection, and with luck it will be bigger in the following months

Atari 2600 - Non working, easy to fix
A500 - non working, completely fucked up
A600 - non working too
3 MSXs (Gradiente Expert models... one is a 1.0 , other is a 1.1 and other is a 2.1 (MSX 2+) )
My girffriendīs Mega-Drive
A recently brought Sega Saturn thatīs not at home yet

And I want to get my hands in a Vic-20... I have a teacher who owns one, and I first thought about getting it and selling or give it away, but now I want to keep it

Oh, and I have a P233 MMX , if it counts
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