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C64 breadbox - blank, pink or multicoloured screen.

Hope it's ok to post this here.

I received a boxed C64 breadbox yesterday. I get the following result when i try to fire up the bad boy which came with two different PSU's:

Power Supply 1: Pink Screen on TV - Screen returns to snow when i turn it off, and the TV is correctly set to Channel 36 and UHF obviously. I know that the RF cable is working properly as I allready use it for my Atari.

Power Supply 2: Black, flickering multi colour or pink screen.

After doing some googling I have stumbled over various C64 sources. It seems the most likely culprit is the PLA chip. Wouldn't this be the best bet, or are there any other suspects as well?

After popping the hood I see that the board is a version B. Where can I find a proper schematic / drawing with the exact chip placement on the rev B? Or can someone point it out for me.

If I need to change the PLA I understand there are one german supplier who makes reliable replacements. Can I merely swap the faulty PLA with the EPROM, or must I solder? I'm not very good with that. Of course I could also get hold of a different c64.

Thanks for all your help in advance!
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