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If you manage to find the source code maybe it would be possible to transfer teams from one league to another? Would save a lot of time and agro.

Originally Posted by highrise View Post
So as you say, you could replace names, but not add new ones. However, if you wanted to use current data, like for example the freely available data that you can get for the PSP version of Football Manager, it would theoretically be possible to do it. What you would have to do is have a list of all the names you wanted to use, compared to all the ones in Champ Man 94. You could then run a comparison and match the names up as best you could matching all the names with the same number of letters as much as possible, so you could then create a new set of surnames (the first names are probably ok).
I'm really excited about the possibilities of this, if we can simplify things by using the data from FM then the possibilities of having a Championship Manager España or Championship Manager México are endless!!

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