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Originally Posted by Bamiga2002 View Post
Inspired by fitzsteve's attempts to get Quake running, i downloaded BlitzQuake and installed it together with Quake files (i had deleted Quake earlier). Fiddled with the options a while and it's now runnin' smooth on my BPPC (WOS version). I had forgotten how well i runs .
Nice one, I've been drooling over a PPC at Amibay - but alas that will be out of my price range for years to come. How did you setup your directory's? Did you use the Quake CD?

Originally Posted by Peter View Post
Nice one!!
It runs well on the 040 - full screen with ceiling and floor full detail on... just imagine this running through the Voodoo card - patched so it runs in a window on your Tower Workbench - bet it would look really good!

Are you going to try to get an 060 for the Tower?
Yes I will get an 060 for the tower, going to get a Blizzard 1260 as I already have the SCSI kit for my 1230IV so I could easily be running an 060 and 256mb

When the broken Apollo 1240 comes back I'm going to split it down and sell the faulty card as spares and sell the Mach131 chips to someone who wants to upgrade their Apollo 1240 (Cosmicfrog)

I've got about £140 (from sales) that could towards it, so I'm part way there...

I did try Gloom on the Tower, it runs ok on the 030 full screen/AGA but not as smooth as on the A4000, I tried the RTG modes and it crashes after the intro, I think it only works with Cybergraphics, not Voodoo/P96 but I didn't try all the settings. I didn't try window mode yet so I mioght give that a go later.

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