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well, it was all a long time ago... I remember how it all came about though. First of all I created a simple editor which let you change attributes of players. That was CMED '1'. This got passed around quite a lot and then Paul (Ronnie) messaged me suggesting using Amos 2 (I think) to make a better interface. So we worked together on it. We split the work up, as I recall, Paul figured out a lot of stuff to do with the actual teams, team kits and stuff like that, and I worked on the players. That was Cmed '2'. I remember figuring out that all the player positions were stored in a single 8 bit number, that was pretty cool when we worked that out. Then I spent a long time looking at two individual save games - one just before a player left a club, and then just after he joined one. That was how we figured out how to move players from one club to another.

I developed the interface for CMED 3, and Paul added more stuff to do with things like how much money the clubs had and so on. And that was when I added what I always hoped would be a great feature - allowing you to export individual players and data. I hoped that people would be able to swap data disks, but I guess in those days we didn't have much internet so it wasn't that popular.

Now, about the names. That was something I worked on, and I can tell you how they are stored, as I recal. All the surnames and firstnames are stored in one block of data, and each name is separated by (I think) a zero character. So as you say, you could replace names, but not add new ones. However, if you wanted to use current data, like for example the freely available data that you can get for the PSP version of Football Manager, it would theoretically be possible to do it. What you would have to do is have a list of all the names you wanted to use, compared to all the ones in Champ Man 94. You could then run a comparison and match the names up as best you could matching all the names with the same number of letters as much as possible, so you could then create a new set of surnames (the first names are probably ok).

Anyway, that's what I would do. As for the foreigners rule, I doubt you could get around that, unless there is some kind of 'foreigner' flag on the countries which you could switch off (e.g Wales, Scotland and N.Ireland didn't count as foreign did they so something must have been programmed)

Also, I know we found that there were several revisions of CM that we had to account for, and we managed to get CM Italia editable as well. I don't know if CM Italia had those kind of restrictions, though if I remember rightly they had 2 points for a win at the time.

Anyway, it would certainly be a bit of fun to try and get that sort of thing working but to say I am rusty would be an understatement haha.

One funny story I can also add is that about five years ago I got a completely random call from Norway, from a bunch of guys who said they really wanted the unlocked version. I patched it up and sent it to them, and never heard from them again haha!

But I still have my Amiga 1200 and the original HD. I haven't fired it up in a good while but I guess most of the data is there - did Paul upload the source code? I'd be happy for that to be public domain.

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Wow, hi Allan(?) and welcome to EAB.

I'd be very much interested if you would be so kind.

What do you mean by you "worked on the names of the players"? Please tell me you found a way of actually adding players/names to the database without replacing existing ones? Don't worry, I wouldn't be any less impressed with the work you two guys done if you haven't.

EDIT: I'm going to bed now and I bet I'll be unable to sleep :P
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