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Thanks people for the support.
I knew that Amigakit was serious but today I had a doubt because of a false rumor.

Yesterday, I have posted on a french forum that I have ordered a Minimig @ Amigakit and that they have some in stock.
Today I have received in my inbox a message telling me that they don't have any Minimig in stock. So I was stressed because for me it wasn't a tiny order...

Here is the message that I have received today (google translated):


"I send this message to warn that, contrary to what
AmigaKit can say there is no stock cards Minimig

And, for a very good reason: ACube did not
only available for 2 months!

We have a pending order with them, and
information, nothing will happen before August 10.

So, you see if you prefer to pay 25 euro fee
port instead of 10/12 euros here because we send all
our shipments from France.

In addition, we are the only ones who can deliver the same
time the ARM controller cards that greatly improve
potential maps Minimig.

I've added on my MSN contact list in case you
desire a more direct contact!"


I have removed the name of the sender but I think I should have left it because he has stressed me for nothing.
Of course I will post, as soon as I receive the product
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