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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
It's fun to get Quake (and Doom) running - just to see how the Amiga set up you have copes with it... remember the slow motion parts in Max Payne? - That is how I played Quake on my Amiga!

Just checked out your youtube channel Steve - Genetic species runs really well!
Have you ever experimented with Gloom Deluxe - it would be interesting to see that game running on a top spec Amiga - I'm sure Gloom Deluxe utilized better processors and graphic card options...
Thanks for checking out my channel Peter, hope you enjoyed my vid's (and didn't get too bored)

Never tried Gloom Deluxe. Might take that for a spin later if I can locate a copy.

I'm very impressed with the A4k and Apollo 4040 combination, its a rocket of a machine

But I desperately want an 060 to complete my Tower, and those PPC's that have been listed here and Amibay the last few days just make me

It sucks that the Apollo 1240 died before I could get it upgraded else I would be on course.

Anyone want to donate me a Bliz 1260
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