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Originally Posted by ck1200 View Post
Thanks for all the info there, i also used the archimedes in school but i'll admit mainly in break times for gaming :/ really would like to learn more on risc and the a3000/a3010 though

Shameless plug


The Qube Risc OS Server

is run by a guy on here.... Charlie.... its shaping up to be a reasonable sized resource on all things Acorn. Pop over theres an FTP site with some goodies on it and forums for which you can register if you like.

/Shameless plug

No Charlie isn't paying/bribing me to plug his site but I'm spreading the word as I don't feel the Arc gets the recognition it deserves. Its rather quiet on the forums at present but feel free to stop by and say hi.


PS I gamed on the Arc during School breaks as well
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