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Originally Posted by Tom Walker View Post
I'd take Dhrystone figures with a very large pinch of salt. Acorn machines tend to perform much better at Dhrystone than at anything else, and the Amiga version used seems to be compiled on quite a poor compiler (the comments about not performing well on 060 are a dead giveaway).
Besides, by that benchmark my 486SX/25 outperforms both at about 31000/sec.
PC's yeah sure, but I wasn't comparing it to a PC.... Besides if you want to be like that, my 060 gets 37000 odd Dhrystones and my Risc PC gets 422000. God knows what my current PC will do .

That tickles me it really does..... the machines we're talking about are comparable to a 486.... and yet people get so precious about their 060 miggies at 50,60 and 66 or whatever Mhz, which is low end Pentium at the very best, if that.

Depends what you're doing with it. For graphics/games stuff the A1200 will mostly be faster. Sound is better as well.
I'm aware of how unreliable Dhrystone figures are. I'm just trying to offer an alternative view to "Its crap, get an A1200". Most 16/32 er's dont really realise how powerful the Archimedes is in comparison. Usually because they cant see beyond their beloved Amiga/Atari. I was merely trying to show how a classic Arc stacked up against a comparable Amiga.

I'm not saying its a games monster (although it did have some nice stuff, a lot of pretty identical amiga ports) You can play Doom and Quake on it (Risc PC) without the fannying around (and expense) that you have to go through now on an Amiga - they were properly ported. But hey... The Archimedes didnt have a lot going for it in terms of graphics/sound (it had an awful filter on the sound - fixable if you know how) And yet graphically the ports to it from the Amiga identical.... I speak from experience having owned:

Lemmings 2
Lotus 2
Cannon Fodder
Zool/Zool 2

among others

Sure, some of the Amiga ports got lazy when it came to sound sampling, Lotus 2, for example was recorded from the line out of an Amiga.... yuck!
The Arc did what it did with raw power and IMHO did a fairly good job of it.

One thing I will say for it.... The Archimedes version of Elite > All

Like you say, it depends what you use it for

I'm just tired of people who haven't got a clue about the Arc's potential because they have NEVER used one, making assumptions/presumptions about it's inferiority. ALL machines have their pro's and cons.

No that's not an accusation levelled at you specifically Tom, more, the "retro computing world" in general.... Most people in the UK of a certain age will know who Acorn were and what they did, but sadly beyond that, there was never the market for their computers beyond UK schools, although heavily expanded Risc PC's have popped up in some unlikely places...

Would I put my Amiga online ? I do, but.. not for any extended period of time, and I can't say I particularly enjoy the experience. The RPC is slightly more bearable because I can use decent screen modes (1680x1050 on a 24" LCD, no graphics card) and the browser isn't 10+ years old (although it is still limited)

Anyhoo I know this is an Amiga forum and I cant "win" but that was never my intention. So I guess I should say "Miggys > ALL" but it is an Acorn related thread so ........

"Miggys > All..... (except my Risc PC)"


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