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Originally Posted by asm1 View Post
An arm 3 Acorn at 33 mhz is roughly equivalent to an 040 @ 40. Arc figures here:

Zetros post : -

040 @ 40= 26000 ish if Zetro is to be beleived
Arm 3 @ 33 = 24157.
I'd take Dhrystone figures with a very large pinch of salt. Acorn machines tend to perform much better at Dhrystone than at anything else, and the Amiga version used seems to be compiled on quite a poor compiler (the comments about not performing well on 060 are a dead giveaway).

Besides, by that benchmark my 486SX/25 outperforms both at about 31000/sec.

Its not a bash the Amiga post, merely an attempt to get some arc "Facts" out there.... better than the usual "its slower than an A1200" argument/misconceptions that usually prevail.
Depends what you're doing with it. For graphics/games stuff the A1200 will mostly be faster. Sound is better as well.
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