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Originally Posted by ck1200 View Post
A 1200 is the best to upgrade and modify although i'm sure you know that lol
It is also the most expensive To put things in perspective, I bought a CPU card for my Risc PC which benchmarks comparably to a 240 PPC Amiga... ... for £100...

The Risc PC cost me £40
A USB/Ethernet/Fast Ide = £100 second hand

Total - £240

My Amiga 1200 cost me £300 alone for a "bog standard" Blizzard 060. I couldn't justify nearly double that for a PPC.

030 Accelerator before the 060 - £110
A1200 - £ 40
Idefix Express - £ 47
Indivision AGA 1200 - £130

Total I've spent on "Miggy bits" - guestimate £600+

And its still not finished

Which machine do I prefer ? The Risc PC.... I can do internet and MSN on it without my eyes bleeding and it plugs in to my 24" LCD without the need for an expensive Graphics solution. It is a more pleasant everyday experience. Plus, peripherals are cheaper because the wrong mindset prevails - ie. "Acorn = schools and must therefore be shit."

Games ? Amiga wins hands down.... BUT I was an Archie man back in the day so I'm biased

And before anyone soils themselves - I have 2 atari ST's and a Falcon as well

An arm 3 Acorn at 33 mhz is roughly equivalent to an 040 @ 40. Arc figures here:

Zetros post : -

040 @ 40= 26000 ish if Zetro is to be beleived
Arm 3 @ 33 = 24157.

Its not a bash the Amiga post, merely an attempt to get some arc "Facts" out there.... better than the usual "its slower than an A1200" argument/misconceptions that usually prevail.

No matter the "spec" of the machine, sadly it didnt have the software/marketing that the Amiga did. Schools loved them but that was about it I had one but it was expensive compared to the Amiga.

Alas I digress.... the A7000 is not a bad machine but given the choice for games I'd get an A3000 as others have said, fit it with an Arm 3 and 4 meg (or 8 if you can get it) and RO 3.1.... enjoy.

Personally I am after An A540 like the one in the link above

Being pedantic but the A540 was the last "Archimedes" - Acorn dropped the "Archimedes" name on the newer A3010/20/4000/5000 and 7000 series... although unofficially it has been kept
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