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Well no luck with GLQuake, the readme says it needs at least 040&FPU and it wont start on my system, however I may have installed Warp3D wrong so I best read go and the manual, it has options for Voodoo3 or Cybervision 3D, so I went with Voodoo 3 however the Warp3D demos just crash the system so I must have done somthing wrong. I remeber having to choose CV3D during the P96 install for the Voodoo, Hmmm.

The error on BlitzQuake its self is 'Insert Quakedir' Then I get suspend/reboot. It dosen't give any installation instructions so I just went with the copy all of the Quake Directory into it like the other ports...

Well I guess I'll re-visit when I have a better processor.

I'm still
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