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Wow, look what my little thread has started

To be honest, I just want to get the most out of the kit I've installed in my Amiga's and find out the limits more as a proof of concept, yes I can play Quake on my PeeCee at 6million FPS if I want to...

I've played the Quake2 Doom WAD on my GP32 with their Doom Port, was fun.

Besides, I am bonkers - I've got over £1000 worth of Amiga kit and I came here to sell my Yellow 1200

@Zetr0, not 100% sure what you mean regading Doom using RTG modes, however ADoom lets you use the P96 modes however only 320x240 is full screen the rest are window'd, oh and I only seem to be able to use the native Audio, not the AHI.

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