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good luck on that gfx card buddy!

now the PiccoloSD64 is does not have natvie 3D support my friend, I thnk only the Cybervision64 3D has that in Z2 or Z3 form.

As such you will be using CPU routines for the 3D graphics - kinda like software rendering... you will gain some speed - as you will be writing to Z3 address - much MUCH faster than chip which is the primary bottleneck with your A4000 at present.

how this will translate with quake will be a test-it and see - the 040@40MHz is a competent CPU - and should be able to run the software renderer of Warp3D - but it really depends on the optimization of BlitzQuake OGL engine.

what ever happens please take lots of pics and do lots of experiments =D

wow... its truly been a graphics card discussion day today!
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