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Originally Posted by BoyC View Post
The pc version could be a solution to these problems. During my old research I found out that there were at least two versions of the game released, one with compressed and one with uncompressed data files. The game still supports the uncompressed level format, thats one way of how I messed around with it by editing into the files. It would be a nice goal to try and have the demo levels on the pc version for example.
I already had a look to the PC version, but x86 assembly is soooo ugly to my eyes. I think copy/pasting files is not enough because i saw some differences between both systems, not sure.

I thought to port Atari demo levels to PC, but the PC version contains x86 code in the levels, so we should translate 68k to x86, which is not my cup of tea (unless all levels share the same x86 code, in this case we could use one from the initial levels).
Jotd uses the PC version files, maybe he already checked that.
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