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Amiga GL Quake

I managed to get Amiga Quake running on my A4000, and it runs ok, playable but a little slow.

My A1200T although only boasting an 030' in the form of a Bliz 1230 MkIV at the moment is running a Mediator/Voodoo 5500 with P96 drivers, so wondering if this setup would run GL Quake, if so can anyone give me a pointer on where to start with this?

I did start Clickbooms Quake on my A1200T via the RTG @ 320x240 but it was like 2fps lol, but I guess that is progress

As of yet I've not installed Warp3D or anything, I've just bee using the P96 screen modes for workbench and RTGMaster for the RTG screens on games like Doom/Payback/Genetic Species/Napalm.

I guess I need some kind of OpenGL driver? What I really want is an 060 in here, but that's going to have to wait.

So if anyone can point me in the right direction...


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