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Exclamation Problems with Detect Idle CPU mode

First, I just wanted to say that I have been very happy with WinUAE... You
guys have been doing an outstanding job! I was especially impressed with the
improved sound with the new AHI drivers. however, I have a very serious
problem with chipset timings, and the "Detect Idle CPU" mode seems to be at the
root of it.

Let me explain:

With the Detect Idle CPU mode on, all chipset timing seems to be cut in
half - that is, the system clock loses about 30 seconds per minute, cursors
blink at half the selected speed, Paula audio breaks up terribly and just
sounds really slow. The audio problem is evident when using audio datatypes
and when playing MIDI files via GMPlay. MP3 playback, using the new AHI
drivers with AmigaAMP, is flawless.

With the Detect Idle CPU mode off, all chipset timings are (more or less)
correct), the clock runs at normal speed, all timed settings (cursor blink,
etc.) works as set, and Paula audio is (almost) flawless. However, all
non-chipset stuff, like RTG, AHI (using the new driver), disk I/O (non
hardfile), TCP/IP (internet, LAN, and networked drives) slow to an absolute
crawl. Here's an example: When viewing the contents of networked drive N:
(all my MIDI files), it takes about 20 seconds for all the icons to appear when
Detect Idle CPU is on, and about twelve minutes with it off!

This is a serious problem that is making me consider going back to 0821R4,
sacrificing some sound quality (and the return of the JIT/Copper bug) just to
bring some sanity back to my system clock and timings! What can be done about

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