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But but but I want to play kamikaze style .

By the way, I had two technical issues that I forgot to post:

1) I played on full screen. But each time I went back to Windows (by quitting), my already opened windows were size-reduced (to 320x240 I suppose). Can you do something about it? Not sure if this is related to the first known bugs/issues in the readme.

Also I could not Alt-Tab out of the game.

XP SP3 and Radeon 9600 card.

2) Is it possible to disable joypad support (by a command line switch or something like that)?

I have a Sega SLS gamepad and apparently the game does not like it.
Of course, I expected it not to work by default as you said only Xbox 360 pad are supported. It did not work of course the character kept going upwards.

Then I tried to use xpadder, a program similar to joy2key, with which I never had issues. With Robotz Dx however, it did not work at all and I had the same issue as if I did not use xpadder (player going upwards).
This makes me think that the joypad is detected by the game, or something like that, which ignores the keyboard emulation part.

I will probably try with joy2key tonight or this weekend and see if it solves the issue. Still it would be nice having the game working with xpadder (although as xpadder turned commercial after v5.3, perhaps it could be an opportunity for me to switch to an alternative).
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