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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Cool. You must have been one of the first ever to play it because I only published the English version of Ambermoon (it had never before been released) about September 1998.
You know what, i probably "was" one of the first to play the English version because ever since seeing the game for the very first time in the preview sections of Amiga gaming magazines i WANTED the game! I was always searching for it back then so when it finally turned up one day in 1998 i almost wet my pants in excitement!

It was one of those games that always had me wondering because i loved games from Thalion and also because it just looked so amazing! It probably goes down in Amiga gaming history as one of the greatest RPG's if not THE greatest on the Amiga!

All these years later and i find out it was "you" who was responsible for me playing the game in English so THANK YOU Alexh You made me a VERY happy man back then!

Just out of curiosity, are you "actually" from the developer Thalion itself!??? are you one of the Thalion guys?
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