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Originally posted by Djay
i copied the muimaster.lib from your ClassicWb3.0 and it was the wrong version?!?!?!?

it doesn't matter now i'll just use unzip!!!!

thx anyway
Well the WB FULL/ADV versions are running VoodooX so it has to be the right version! You do need the FULL MUI package as Akira said if you're installing it on your WB setup.

In most cases libs can be simply copied over, but MUI has to be completely installed in order for MUI apps to work.

The LITE version may not have the latest, because it doesn't run MUI at all or even have it installed completely. The lib might be their just by chance for some other app. Like Akira said, for low memory Amiga's it's bloat.

Anyway, I've overcomplicated the issue. Now you have the unzip executable, use Packmaster as your GUI.

Yep I agree, using IRC in the future will be useful Jim when discussions like this arise.

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